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Heart Touching Quotes For Whatsapp: Today we are going to share some latest heart touching love quotes for whatsapp and facebook.We have also collect some Heart Touching Quotes for friends. believe me all these quotes are very amazing and heart touching and it will help you to express your feelings in front of your friends. here you can also find best heart touching status for her. do check these quotes and share with your friends via social media.

Heart Touching Quotes

                   heart touching Sms

Heart Touching Quotes In Hindi

In this section you will find latest Heart Touching Status In Hindi, you can send this quotes to your loved ones. This is the best way to express your feelings.

Wo Mujhse Door Rehkar Khush Hai Toh Rehne Do Use,
Mujhe Chahat Se Zyada Uski Muskurahat Pasand hai.


मोहब्बत ज़िंदगी बदल देती है,
मिल जाए तो भी ना मिले तो भी..!!
कुछ नहीं है आज मेरे शब्दों के गुलदस्ते में,
कभी कभी मेरी खामोशियाँ भी पढ लिया करो…!!
टूटे हुए सपनो और छुटे हुए अपनों ने मार दिया
वरना ख़ुशी खुद हमसे मुस्कुराना सिखने आया करती थी !!


नींद में भी गिरते हैं मेरी आँख से आंसू
जब भी तुम ख्वाबों में मेरा हाथ छोड़ देती हो..


Khuda ki fursat me ek pal aya hoga,
Jab usne ap jaise pyare insan ko banaya hoga,
Na jane kounsi dua kubool huyi hamari,
Jo usne aapko humse milaya hoga.

Heart Touching Quotes For Her

  • Day after day I’m missing you. Week after week I’m forgetting you. Month after month I’m moving on. Year after year I’m regretting the moment I met you.
  • I can’t do this anymore. Pretend that everything’s great. Act like there’s nothing to hate. Wipe away every tear. Run away from my fears. Talk like everything’s okay. Live like there’s nothing wrong with today.
  • The greatest pain that comes from love is loving someone you can never have.
  • I never feel alone, because loneliness is always with me!!
  • Sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what you mind already knows.
  • I tried to forget you, but the harder I tried, the more I thought about you.
  • My love for you was so true, you know that I would never forget you, But now my heart is crushed and broken in two. I should have never fallen in love with you.
  • It’s better to be lonely then to be played by wrong people..
  • I miss your cuddles, I miss your kisses but most of all I miss you! the love I have will never change as each day goes by I will love you till the day I die!!
  • During the day I keep myself busy and sometimes time passes. But at night, I really miss you.

*Below are some Sad Heart Touching Quotes for WhatsAppp and facebook.*

  • I love you like the stars love the night sky. Like the moon loves to glow. Like the sun loves to shine bright. Like the wind loves to blow. Like the winter loves to make it snow. Like a heart loves to beat, for mine will never stop because you hold the key.

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Heart Touching Status And Quotes for Friends


A Friend Understands Your Tears In Much Valuable

Than A Lot Of Friends Who Know Your Smile.

Heart Touching Sms 

My Heart Never Knew

Loneliness Until You Went Away.

Heart Touching Messages

अपने उसूल कभी यूँ भी तोड़ने पड़े
खता उसकी थी हाथ मुझे जोड़ने पड़े.l

Heart Touching Sad Quotes

You Can Replace Me But You Can’T
Replace The Memories You Had With Me

Heart Touching Quotes About Life

The Most Expensive Thing In This World Trust.
It Can Take Years To Earn & Only A Matter Of Seconds To Lose.


These all are the latest and Best Heart Touching Quotes about life. Don’t forget to share with your loved ones.

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